Q Series QE81WH

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Category:CC-LINK Safety


  • By mounting the energy measuring module onto the open slot of the base unit, measuring instrument can be added without changing the layout in the control panel.
  • With a communication unit, communication cable and creation of a communication program are no longer needed, cost reductions can be realized by wire savings and engineering workload reductions.
  • Allows for easy specific energy consumption*1 management by matching the “production information” of the CPU unit with the “energy information” of the energy measuring module.Since measured data is automatically collected in a buffer memory at 250ms, detailed specific energy consumption management is also available.
  • Allows for easy graphic display of specific energy consumption with a graphic operation terminal (GOT) installed on the control panel at the manufacturing site.*2 Combination with the “high-speed data logger module (QD81DL96)” allows specific energy consumption analysis to be easily performed with a PC.

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